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A collection of handmade personalized nameplates

Note: All art works seen below are on make-to-order. While few are quick makes, others would be elaborately time consuming. We would need enough time to give are best to the art.

Upcycled Home Decor Art Works


For our environmental conscious customers we bring you socially conscious and sustainable home decor. So enjoy these up-cycled art works that will make your home chic, stylish and ethical. 

code: UHD-BurlapBottle01

Glass bottle gives a rustic make-over. The burlap flowers and long leaves add to the charm,

code: UHD-Guitar01

Music lover who do not want to part with old instrument. Convert it into a utility shelf.

Something for your walls


We spend most of our times at home. So, lets fill it with good vibes and decor that we love. Lets adorn the walls with marvelous pieces of art.

code: WDCP-Branches

Simple frame with hidden meaning. Dry branches can still bloom.

code: WDCP-Quote1

Inspirational quote on box canvas, to keep you motivated in through your journey of life

code: WD-OM

Our best selling design, Om chants across the universe. Dosent it feel calming to the soul.

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