DIY Ideas - Do It Yourself

Texture Painting on Serving Tray

Texturing background and then painting is a fun art.

Tote Bag Painting- Dream Catcher

Painting on Tote bags is super fun Here we give you a tutorial on how to paint a dreamcatcher on tote bag. Paint It…. Flaunt It…

Bottle Art- Floral with Messages

Upcycling glass bottles into a marvelous home decor pieces.. you can create one yourself..

Wall Mounted Planter

Let’s add some life to walls… by creating an indoor plant wall hanger. This beautiful canvas painting with plant holder hangs vertical on the wall so you have your own vertical garden.

Canvas Painting- The Dusky Grace

Colorful silence is the charm of paints on canvas. An attempt by Creatif Citta to give you a complete video tutorial of the making of this beautiful painitng.

Painting on Fabric Grocery Bag

Time to go eco-friendly… ditch the plastic carry bags… switch to cloth bags… But yeah… these bags are often in dull shades… Brighten them up with some paints and creativity.

How to Wood Burn - using Pyrography tool

Learn easy way to custom wood burning using pyrography / wood burning tool.

Carving Mandala with Rotary Tool

Mandala- A Mandala in Sanskrit means a circle representing the Universe. An art truly satisfying.