Free designs downloads

Hello creative gang,

Getting perfect design for your art is a task. Whether you are going planning to paint a traditional motif from- Varli, madhubani, kalamkari, etc art forms or just looking for some trendy chic design for your tote bag or t-shirt. Looking out for design becomes a tedious task. Isn’t it.

We are here working to make things better for you.

Look no further. 

We are getting together all the various art form designs here under one roof.

We promise to make your search simplified and that too in a downloadable format.

Yes, you read us right. You would not only get to see, browse, compare and select the right design that would give you a quick start to your creation of a master piece. But, you would be able to download them all.

You will be able to download all the designs you want, for FREE.

As a fellow crafter, you can understand how crazy work it is going to be for us to plan, design, compile and execute this full process.

So, we are open to contributions. 

If you got your design which you would love to contribute, then please head-on to the whatsapp link below and send us your designs. We would surely give you the credit.


Till then keep watching this space.

We promise this would be up and live soon.